Mentoring Trial Session


Book a 30-minute trial session to learn more about our service and see if mentoring is right for you. The cost of a trial session can be credited toward packages of 6 or more mentoring sessions/subscriptions.

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During this session you will be mentored on a topic of your choice to see if mentoring is right for you.

After purchasing this service, your mentor will contact you to arrange a time for your session. So please ensure you provide the correct contact details.

Please note: trial mentoring sessions are limited to one per customer.


Your mentor will be Sarah Schimschal, founder of Positive Legacies. Sarah is a certified professional coach and member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). She has a BA in Training and Development, MSc in Positive Psychology and is currently undertaking her PhD in public health.

Sarah’s research is focused on developing grit (passion with perseverance) and she specialises in helping people find direction and increase motivation. As such current clients are working on exploring interests that provide purposeful direction, strengthening their capacity to develop new skills and persisting with their long-term goals.   

Before shifting her focus to the science and practice of positive psychology, Sarah spent 25 years working in leadership and capability roles across different industries including education, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, and recreation.