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At Positive Legacies we help people lead a life that leaves a positive footprint in our world.


We have a range of coaching and mentoring services to help you achieve your goals and aspirations.

Your coach/mentor will be Sarah Schimschal, founder of Positive Legacies. Sarah is a certified professional coach and member of the International Coaching Federation. She has a BA in Training and Development, MSc in Positive Psychology and is currently undertaking her PhD in Public Health.

Sarah’s research is focused on developing grit (passion with perseverance) and she specialises in helping people find direction and increase motivation.

Coaching Packages

Choose a coaching package that best suits your needs and budget. Our six-session packages are the most popular.


Coaching Or Mentoring Trial Session

Book a 30-minute trial session to learn more about our service and see if coaching or mentoring is right for you. The cost of a trial session can be credited toward packages of 6 or more coaching or mentoring sessions.


Mentoring Packages

Choose a mentoring package that best suits your needs and budget. Our six-session packages are the most popular.



We have a range of wellbeing products designed to help parents prioritise their wellbeing so that they can thrive, not just survive.

Our products make unique gifts for baby showers, maternity leave, postpartum parties, yourself or someone special.


Wellbeing Birth Box

These beautiful pregnancy boxes contain the key essentials mum will need when it’s time for delivery, plus we’ve included our wellbeing cards for mums.



Wellbeing Support for Parents

We’ve packaged a set of our wellbeing cards for mums together with a 30-minute support session to help you turn positive intentions into action.



Wellbeing Cards for Mums

These beautifully designed wellbeing cards are developed especially for mums to help them grow their wellbeing using quick, simple tips.



Learn more about the science and practice of positive psychology.

The Science of Wellbeing

The Science of Wellbeing

In 1948, the World Health Organisation adopted the principle that “health is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing, and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity”…

Battling Your Inner Demons

Battling Your Inner Demons

If you’re a movie buff then you’ll be familiar with heroes battling their inner demons. Luke Skywalker battled the dark side of the force in Star Wars…

Best Friends for Life

Best Friends for Life

Our pets love us unconditionally. They forgive us if we’re late home from work or too exhausted to play with them. And if we’ve had a rough day or are feeling lonely…

Grit Defined

Grit Defined

A Google image search for grit returns numerous pictures of people doing what could be termed ‘really hard things’. This is not surprising as gritty behaviour is…


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