Wellbeing Birth Box


This box is designed just for mums (no baby products). It contains key essentials they’ll need when it’s time for delivery, plus a set of our wellbeing cards. Scroll down to see what’s included in each box option.

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There are 3 box options: gold, platinum and diamond. All box options include items in the gold box. See below for an itemised list.

You won’t get any surprises at the checkout as the price includes free postage within Australia.

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Wellbeing Cards

These beautifully designed wellbeing cards are developed especially for mums to help them grow their wellbeing using quick, simple tips.

The cards are divided into 5 colour-coded sections including; experience, judgement, support, health and relationships.

These areas are critical for wellbeing, especially in the first year. The cards come in a rigid top/bottom box.

Maternity Pads

Not much to say here, except they’re a must post delivery. This pack of 10 will get you started.

Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Balm

These convenient travel-sized essential toiletries are infused with the potent anti-oxidising anti-inflammatory, and hydrating properties of pure, organic coconut oil. And they smell good too!

Extra Toiletries

These extra travel-sized toiletries will come in handy. We’ve included 3 individually wrapped make-up remover wipes (just in case mum doesn’t sweat it all off!), 2 hair bands, lip balm and a dental kit.

Toiletry Bag

The toiletries will come in this toiletry bag. It’s the perfect size for short stays, plus it can be repurposed for makeup and other items that we girls have floating around in our handbags.

Intimate Wash

This body wash is pH-balanced and is highly recommended for intimate areas. This wash is a full size (250 ml), so it will last longer than the travel-sized toiletries.

Eye Mask and Ear Plugs

An eye mask and ear plugs are absolutely essential for hospital stays…if mum is lucky enough to get some sleep! Our bodies need a low light level to produce melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep by making us drowsy.  

Notebook and Pen

This notebook and pen will be handy to capture important information. Also, it can be used to action some of the suggested tips on the wellbeing cards.


Everything listed above plus:
Travel Hairdryer

This item is not intended for the hair on mum’s head, although it certainly can be used for that purpose. Rather, it’s for an area mum probably won’t want to rub dry with a towel!

Dry Shampoo

This travel-sized dry shampoo is a great way for mum to keep her hair looking fresh and volumised in the hundreds of photos people are going to take! 


This travel-sized deodorant will keep mum’s protected again wetness for up to 48 hours.


Everything listed above plus:
Wheat Pack

This wheat pack is designed to be used as an eye pillow, but it’s also a great alternative to ice packs for ‘downstairs’. Just place it in a sealed plastic bag and cool it down in the refrigerator or freezer.

Please note that the products may vary depending on availability. However, we will always substitute with a similar product of the same or higher value.

If the box needs to be shipped by air freight (remote parts of Australia and overseas), we will exchange the dry shampoo and deodorant shown with similar non-aerosol products.