Wellbeing Products

We have a range of wellbeing products designed exclusively for new and expecting parents. Our gift boxes are just for mum—no baby products.

Wellbeing Birth Box


This box has been designed just for mums. It contains key essentials they’ll need when it’s time for delivery (and there’s a handy checklist for everything else). What makes this box unique is there are no baby products, and we’ve also included our wellbeing cards for mums. You can choose from three box options: gold, platinum and diamond.




Wellbeing Cards


Our beautifully designed wellbeing cards have been developed to help mums grow their wellbeing using quick, simple tips. The cards are divided into 5 colour-coded sections including; experience, judgement, support, health and relationships. These areas are critical for wellbeing, especially early on. The cards come in a rigid top/bottom box.




Coming Soon


There’s so much more to come! Later this year we’ll be launching gift boxes and wellbeing cards to support mums through pregnancy. These products will be all about mum and focus on holistic wellness during pregnancy: mental, physical and social health. And we haven’t forgotten about the dads. We’re developing products to help them thrive too.




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