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Our evidence-based courses help people create and develop their potential. We specialise in wellbeing, grit and positive leadership.


Sleep Mini Course

Learn how you can sleep better to improve your mental and physical health.

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Free wellbeing courses to help you thrive.

What People Are Saying

“Sarah helped me be a better person at work and at home. I didn’t realise how all these little things were affecting my behaviour and productivity until I started focusing on leading a healthier life. Thank you!”

Bianca Spiteri

“The courses are great for busy people – information is clear, concise and much easier to digest than written material. Plus, you can track your progress which was a good motivator. Highly recommended!”

Cassandra Vankouterik

“Thank you for providing a great introduction to wellbeing. The concepts were easy to understand and there was just the right amount of information. I’ve been recommending Positive Legacies to all my family and friends.”

Lois Jeffery

“I’m crazy busy so short courses that I can access anytime on my laptop or phone are perfect. I loved the design of the materials. They were much more interesting than other courses I’ve done. Thanks!”

Danielle Tolmie

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